You’re Invited!

Join Apostles, Pastors, Intercessors, and Business Leaders across Rio de Janeiro for RIO REVIVED. Come and unite with other leaders for prayer, preaching, networking, and equipping with Biblical strategies to transform Rio. The time for Rio is NOW!


God is raising up faithful Ministry Leaders around the world to fulfill His purposes on earth. Although we serve in different networks with unique assignments, we can all agree that the nations are troubled, and that we need to see the move of God in this generation. As God unites His people in cities and nations, they are committing themselves to seek God to push back darkness and to see the Kingdom of God come, to bring transformation in their land.

Ministry Leaders who sense God’s heart are humbling themselves before Him and seeking Him as never before. We are beginning to come together in unity, realizing the limitation and inability of any one leader to effect change in a city. Individual church congregations and ministry programs alone are insufficient to heal the land. The time has come for us to blow the trumpet in Rio and sound an alarm (Joel 2:1).

We believe the time for Rio is now! Time for Apostles, Bishops, Pastors, Intercessors, Business Leaders, and Believers in Rio to come together and seek the Lord for city-wide transformation, and to see Rio enter into God’s greater destiny for the city.

We invite you to join other Leaders and Believers across Rio, March 14-25 for several special meetings to see Rio REVIVED. This city-wide move of God can only happen through partnership and churches coming together. Each of us is needed and have an essential role to fulfill in God’s purposes for Rio. Please plan to join us and help spread the word!

‘City of God’ Mission in Rio

With a population of over 11 million people, many of the citizens of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil live in slums, also known as favelas. These areas are typically defined by extreme poverty and unusual acts of violence and crime—areas that are covered in spiritual darkness.

In some favelas, the crime is so extreme, the local Brazilian Police are unable to establish law and order. These areas have been completely given over to ruthless gangs and drug lords. Despite the deep darkness that covers these favelas, there are pastors and thriving churches in these areas committed to caring for people and preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Pastors willing to lay down their lives to be salt and light as Christ commanded.

During our most recent trip to Rio, we met with a group of these pastors in the most notorious favela ironically called ‘City of God.’ The City of God pastors are hopeful and believe in God’s ability to bring transformative revival to their region, and have asked us to help them in seeking God to do so. We intend to stand with these faithful and courageous pastors to see the Kingdom of God established in City of God!

On Saturday, March 16th, we’ll revisit City of God for a day of ministry. We need your help to assist the pastors and churches there. In addition to training and ministry, we’d like to equip them with books and resources, giving them the tools needed to see God move in their community.

With your donation of only $10.00, we can publish and print books and materials for the pastors at no cost to them. These areas have been devastated by poverty, so your financial investment is needed.

If you would, please visit our GoFund Me page and help us help the pastors of City of God, by investing in this much-needed ministry today!