Revival comes when the grip of darkness is broken over people and territories, and the Holy Spirit is allowed to gain more control, bringing greater manifestation of the Kingdom of God.



Awakening NATIONS

We believe the Church needs to awaken into its potential to change the world. A clarion call is going out for Believers to rise up and bring nations into the destiny that God has for them.



God has given us a proven strategy to draw His presence in a tangible way. When revived churches function as salt and light, God's presence increases in our communities, darkness is pushed back, and the Kingdom of God advances.


equipping CHRISTIANS

Whether apostles, pastors, marketplace leaders, intercessors, or revival carriers, we believe leaders are essential in God's work. We want to help equip leaders prepare their region for awakening and transformation as forerunners of revival.


Mark Daniel

President | DIRECTOR

Mark Daniel is a visionary, apostolic leader, author, international speaker, and revival carrier. He has traveled to many nations with a calling to awaken and stir the Church to join God in His work of bringing transforming revival to hearts, homes, congregations, communities, and nations. Mark has served, along with others, as a catalyst to see the reality of a significant move of God happen on a national scale. The countless global testimonies of authentic personal, family, marketplace, and corporate transformation are lasting fruit of the ministry. 

Mark is the Senior Pastor of Focal Point Church in Orlando, FL.


James E. Ward Jr.


James Ward is a pastor, author, and entrepreneur, who speaks nationally and internationally on cultural challenges and the need for spiritual awakening. As a Bible teacher, James emphasizes Spirit-formed character development, while challenging listeners intellectually from God's Word with prophetic insight and revelation knowledge. 

As a broadcaster, James equips thousands of people with Godly wisdom and Biblical solutions each day.

James is the Senior Pastor of INSIGHT Church in Skokie, IL., and President of James Ward Ministries.

Our aim is to humbly partner with leaders to draw God’s presence into hearts, homes, churches, and marketplace settings, and bring His transforming power into communities and nations.